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Celebrating Drivers Appreciation Week 2021

Last week, TMX celebrated National Drivers Appreciation Week, September 12-18, 2021


At TMX, we want to celebrate all our drivers. Whether they've been with us for a month or for a decade, each one is an important part of our TMX family. We left a fun surprise for them in their paperwork last week, a small token of our appreciation. Although a huge chunk, our company drivers are only one piece of the puzzle that keeps us rolling on each day.

Our brokerage, TMX Logitran, works with drivers from other teams such as Lou and Katrina from LRV Transportation, Jason and his team at GB3, or Vanessa and her team with Kodal Transportation. The great thing about being able to take on loads from all over the country is the great relationships we build with carriers and drivers. Some have become such close friends, they've invited our team members to attend weddings. We appreciate every bit of it and can't thank any of them enough.

Another part of TMX we never overlook is our premiere team of Owner Operators. They are some of the best and hardest working people in the business. We are so lucky and honored to work alongside each one. You can follow many of their journeys on social media, including Kim Loescher on TikTok and Instagram, or Matt Brown and his loyal companion, Kingston, on TikTok.

When it come right down to it, no matter if they're a Company driver, an Owner-Operator, or another transportation team, we consider them all an important aspect of our TMX family. Along with them and the drivers across our nation, they've worked non-stop in the face of serious adversity during this pandemic and no one could ever do enough to thank them for keeping our country rolling on.

From our family to yours; Thank you, Drivers!

We hope you had a great week and this next year treats you better.


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